Combine-seeding aggregate

Combine-seeding aggregate
Combine-seeding aggregate

The cultivation and seeding aggregate is designed for preparation of all types of soils for sowing, in particular the light and medium (not recommendable to use on stony soils).

The aggregate's task is to crush the lumps of the encrusted surface of the field, loosen the soil, level the upper soil layer, knead the ground to the sowing depth with the purpose of better soaking the groundwater, destroying weeds and couch grass. Using the aggregate ensures accurate and even soil cultivation. Application of the aggregate eliminates the need for dragging, cultivating, harrowing and rolling the field.

width [m]
of teeth [pcs]
demand [KM]
2,5 16 60-80
2,7 18 70-90
3,0 20 80-100