Front loader TUR

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Ładowacz czołowy TUR 4 Samopoziomujący
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The front loader is used for quick and convenient loading and unloading of agricultural produce, manure, silage, loose materials, pallets and transport works on a farm.

High functional values ​​and modern technical solutions, such as hydro-pneumatic accumulators absorbing vibrations, self-levelling system of working elements, electrohydraulic control units and quick coupling for hydraulic hoses for quick disconnection of the machine from the tractor – all these affect the comfort of the loader's work.

Another advantage of the loader is the possibility of including its installation in the tractor's hydraulic system. This allows obtaining free hydraulic inputs at the rear of the tractor.

We also offer specialist accessories for front loaders:

  • bale clamp,
  • wood gripper,
  • manure grab (crocodile),
  • loose material bucket,
  • bucket grab,
  • snowplow,
  • bale frames,v
  • manure forks,
  • pallet forks.
height [m]
weight [kg]
power [KM]
500 2,8 - 3,2 450 < 60
950 2,8 - 3,2 450 < 60
1100 3,6 650 60-110
1600 4 700-800 70-160